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Secure: Your documents are not stored on our servers.
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GPT-4: Use the latest AI to analyse your PDF
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PocketAI - Chat with PDF using AI (GPT-4) on WhatsApp using ChatGPT-like Plugins

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PocketAI - Chat with PDF using AI (GPT-4) on WhatsApp using ChatGPT-like Plugins

Imagine going from this...

Spending hours and hourse reading through PDF documents just to find that one thing you read a few hours ago.
PocketAI - Chat with PDF using AI (GPT-4) on WhatsApp using ChatGPT-like Plugins

To this within just a few seconds

Then you discover AI where you can just chat to your PDF file like it's a human and ask it straight up to tell you the answer.


Improve Research and Academia

Easily extract important information from research papers, academic articles, and e-books to enhance your studies and research.

PocketAI - Chat with PDF using AI (GPT-4) on WhatsApp using ChatGPT-like Plugins

Unlock Financial Insights

Effortlessly extract and analyze crucial financial information from reports, statements, and data with PocketDoc, empowering data-driven analysis for financial analysts.

PocketAI - Chat with PDF using AI (GPT-4) on WhatsApp using ChatGPT-like Plugins

Learn Faster from Study Material

Instantly find and extract the key information you need from university and college material to accelerate your studies and boost productivity.

PocketAI - Chat with PDF using AI (GPT-4) on WhatsApp using ChatGPT-like Plugins

Simplify Legal Document Analysis

Effortlessly review and analyze legal documents, case files, and contracts, improving productivity and accuracy

PocketAI - Chat with PDF using AI (GPT-4) on WhatsApp using ChatGPT-like Plugins
The Magic Behind It

How PocketDoc Works

Step 2

Upload a PDF Document and Hit Send

Each platform (iPhone, Android, Mac and Desktop) has their own different ways you up upload a document. But the principle is the same, all you have to do is send PocketAI a pdf document as you would to a friend on WhatsApp!
Example pdf documents:
Lecture Notes
Research Papers
Business Reports
Legal Documents
Technical Manuals
Brochures and Catalogs
Forms and Applications
Financial Statements
Government Publications
Resumes and CV's
Recipe Books
PocketAI - Chat with PDF using AI on WhatsApp using ChatGPT-like Plugins
Step 3

Chat to your PDF

PocketAI reads your PDF and creates an index of each paragraph on every page in a matter of seconds (can sometimes take up to 30 seconds). You'll then get a quick summary of the PDF along with example questions you can ask.
Example questions to ask:
What is the main topic of this document?
Can you find the summary or conclusion?
Who is the author of this document?
What are the key points in chapter three?
What are the references or sources cited?
Are there any important dates mentioned?
Are there any footnotes or annotations?
Can you summarise chapter six?
PocketAI - Chat with PDF using AI on WhatsApp using ChatGPT-like Plugins

PocketAI is your

one-stop solution

Answers to

Frequenty Asked Questions

Can PocketDoc read my language?
Yes, PocketDoc can read PDFs and answer questions in any language. You can upload a PDF in one language and ask questions in another. The greeting message will be in the PDF’s language. After that, PocketDoc will answer in the language you ask. If a message isn’t in the language you want, just ask PocketDoc to change it.
Are my files secure?
PocketDoc will never share your files with anyone. They are stored on a secure cloud storage and are deleted as soon as you exit PocketDoc.
Why can't PocketDoc see all PDF pages?
For each answer, PocketDoc can look at only a few paragraphs from the PDF at once. These paragraphs are the most related to the question. PocketDoc might say it can't see the whole PDF or mention just a few pages because it can view only paragraphs from those pages for the current question.
Can PocketDoc understand images and tables in PDFs?
PocketDoc can not yet read images in the PDF, including images that consist of scanned text. Text in tables is read by PocketDoc, but it might have problems correlating the correct rows and columns.
How does PocketDoc work?
In the analyzing step, PocketDoc creates a semantic index over all paragraphs of the PDF. When answering a question, PocketDoc finds the most relevant paragraphs from the PDF and uses the ChatGPT (GPT-4) API from OpenAI to generate an answer.

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"We’ve been using Untitled to kick start every new project and can’t imagine working without it."
Candice Wu
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"Love the simplicity of the service and the prompt customer support. We can’t imagine working without it."
Mollie Hall
Web Developer, Sisyphus
"Untitled has saved us thousands of hours of work. We’re able to spin up projects in hours."
Kelly Williams
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"Love the simplicity and the prompt customer support."
Koray Okumus
UX Designer, Circooles
I can do so much more so much faster because I'm cutting out a lot of the legwork in doing minor research, which is staring at the blank page and wondering what the heck I'm gonna even think about.
Saun Moore
Data Engineer, Catalog
Recently started using PocketAI for writing emails on the go. Pretty impressed with how fast it generated quality emails. Even my roommate, who's been using ChatGPT for such a costly price is hooked!
Krystal Wong
Product Manager, Sisyphus
Seriously, I have never ever in my life see a company care so deeply about it's users and the features they request getting implemented so quickly. You are setting the bar VERY HIGH!
Emily Hall
Web Developer, Sisyphus
Just wrote an 863 word essay in 1 minute. Not only did PocketAI continue sentences and give me content, but gave me some ideas I hadn't even thought of. It's SO EASY to use!
Deanna Williams
Head of Design, Layers
It's the best thing ever. I work 60hrs at my W2 per week and with PocketAI, this allows me to get a post out every weekend no matter what, no excuses. So by the weekend, I have writer's block and PocketAI can always jump in and help me.
Jon Imhoff
UX Designer, Circooles
I love using it so far. It's already saved me hundreds of dollars in fees that would have otherwise been paid to OpenAI which is so damn expensive. It's also helped me improve my own copy in paid search ads. I'll be promoting it in a number of groups I'm a part of.
Daniele Gravette
Data Engineer, Catalog