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Discover the power of Plugins with PocketAI. Our ChatGPT Plus-like Plugins are designed to give AI access to up-to-date information, run computations, and use third-party integrations.

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Third-party Plugins

Plugins can be “eyes and ears” for language models, giving them access to information that is too recent, too personal, or too specific to be included in the training data.

Plugins Designed for You

Select from over 15+ PocketAI plugins for various needs: search for flights, create info-graphs, find the recipe for your favourite meal and order directly via PocketAI on WhatsApp, and so much more...
Use the Instacart ChatGPT AI Plugin on WhatsApp - PocketAI
Use the Skyscanner ChatGPT AI Plugin on WhatsApp - PocketAI
Use the PocketDoc (Chat with PDF) ChatGPT AI Plugin on WhatsApp - PocketAI

Switch Between Plugins Easy

Interact with the plugin menu by pressing the Explore button at the end of any message from PocketAI. All you have to do is pick the plugin of your choice and start using it instantly!

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Explore, learn and try ChatGPT plugins on WhatsApp. Updated every 2 weeks.


GPT Vision

Vision  is able to provide accurate information about objects and perform tasks like object counting, showcasing its proficiency in comprehensive image analysis and understanding
Use DALL-E 3 on WhatsApp - PocketAI


AI Art generator using DALL-E 3 that let's you create something that has never been seen before within an instance. Whatever you can imagine, just tell PocketArt on WhatsApp to create, and it will!
Use the Google Search ChatGPT AI Plugin on WhatsApp - PocketAI

Google Search

Incorporate Google with PocketAI to get up-to-date knowledge unlike ChatGPT which is limited to up to 2021 only.
Use the PocketDoc (Chat with PDF) ChatGPT AI Plugin on WhatsApp - PocketAI


Unlock the power of your PDFs!, dive into your documents, find answers, and bring information to your fingertips.
Use the Skyscanner ChatGPT AI Plugin on WhatsApp - PocketAI


Skyscanner makes planning your next trip easy. Search flight deals and plan your next exciting trip.
Use the Meme Creator ChatGPT AI Plugin on WhatsApp - PocketAI

Meme Creator

Use Meme Creator to create memes on demand using the power of AI!
Use the WikiPedia ChatGPT AI Plugin on WhatsApp - PocketAI


Ask questions about general knowledge, current events, and breaking news, and get up-to-date answers from Wikipedia.
Use the Canva ChatGPT AI Plugin on WhatsApp - PocketAI


Create anything in a snap, from presentations and logos to social media posts and more.
Use the ScholarAI ChatGPT AI Plugin on WhatsApp - PocketAI


Unleash scientific research: search 40M+ peer-reviewed papers, explore scientific PDFs, and save to reference managers.
Use the Shein Discovery ChatGPT AI Plugin on WhatsApp - PocketAI

Shein Discovery

Get your fashion and lifestyle recommendations from Shein.
Use the OpenTable ChatGPT AI Plugin on WhatsApp - PocketAI


Provides restaurant recommendations, with a direct link to book.
Use the Indeed Job Search ChatGPT AI Plugin on WhatsApp - PocketAI


Explore & discover the latest open jobs from the #1 job site in the world,
Use the World News ChatGPT AI Plugin on WhatsApp - PocketAI

World News

Summarize news headlines. You can ask for the latest news from various sources around the world.
Use the Youtube Summarizer ChatGPT AI Plugin on WhatsApp - PocketAI


Ask questions, analyzing, and parsing through YouTube videos by simply providing a YouTube video URL.
Use the Instacart ChatGPT AI Plugin on WhatsApp - PocketAI


What’s cookin'? Ask about recipes, meal plans, & more -- and get ingredients delivered from 40,000+ stores!
Use the Wolfram ChatGPT AI Plugin on WhatsApp - PocketAI


Access computation, math, curated knowledge & real-time data through Wolfram|Alpha and Wolfram Language.
Use the AskTheCode ChatGPT AI Plugin on WhatsApp - PocketAI


Provide a GitHub repository URL and ask about any aspect of the code.
Use the CourseHero ChatGPT AI Plugin on WhatsApp - PocketAI


Get course-specific study materials from Course Hero's library.
Use the Doordash ChatGPT AI Plugin on WhatsApp - PocketAI


Discover nearby restaurants for all of your delivery/pickup needs!

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Frequenty Asked Questions

What are Plugins?
A plugin is a small software component that adds specific features or functionalities to an existing software application or system, such as websites, mobile applications, or third party applications. Plugins allow developers to extend, update, and customize the functionality of a software application without changing its core codebase. PocketAI plugins are add-on tools developed specifically for the AI-powered large language model ChatGPT. These plugins add functionality and features, helping users take advantage of the full capabilities of ChatGPT.
How do Plugins work?
Plugins work by extending the features of a software application. To do this, they leverage predefined application programming interfaces (APIs) to interact with and enhance the software.
What are the benefits of using PocketAI plugins?
PocketAI plugins enhance the capabilities of ChatGPT for a variety of purposes. Plugins allow users to customize the model to meet specific needs or use cases, including integration with external services, databases, or specialized tools, providing industry-specific features (such as those used in healthcare, ecommerce, or finance), supporting translation apps, and running data analysis.
What are some popular ChatGPT plugins?
There are many plugins available in the ChatGPT Plus, which include plugins created by OpenAI as well as third-party extensions. Popular plugins can enable users to obtain travel recommendations, help users make restaurant reservations, offer multi-language translations, and deliver prompt engineering and mathematical solutions.
How do I use PocketAI Plugins?

Click the Get Started Button anywhere on this website to start a 7-day free trial. Once you've signed up, you'll be able to message PocketAI on WhatsApp.

You'll then get a prompt asking if you want to use PocketAI Plugins. Just follow the onscreen instructions.

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